Time to Wake up the Lawn

Even after a relatively mild winter our lawns are not looking their best but it needn’t take a lot of effort to green them up.

If clover, bindii and other broad leaf weeds are the greenest section of the lawn, it would be best to either spray or dig them out before fertilising. Spraying is of course the easier way of dealing with weeds. It is also important to use the most appropriate herbicide to deal with the type of weeds you have in your lawn. If possible bring a sample of the weeds and also the lawn and have one of our horticulturists guide you in the most suitable treatment. Many weeds are only annual (only last one season) and provided we keep mowing and don’t allow them to seed they may fade away.

Having decided our attitude to the weeds the next step is fertilising. I believe in fertilising 4 times per year – early spring, early summer, early and late autumn. By regular fertilising and watering, the lawn remains lush and dense and weeds don’t have a chance to compete. To make the fertilising task easier we have Shirleys No.17 at a ridiculously low price of $24.99 for 20kg and $29.99 for 25kg.